WhatsApp chat analysis of a weird 4-years long friendship

People from all nationality and from every place over the world have been waiting for this moment.
The data analysis of the WhatsApp chat of Angelo and Claudio is finally done. And it’s reported here, for you.

If you are reading this, you should know at least one of them. Or maybe you know none.
No worries, you don’t need that much of explanation about their personality.
You only have to know that since they first met back in September 2017, the more time has passed the crazier their friendship has become. Indeed, there are a lot of rumors about their activities: someone said that during these years they became presenters of a TV show, interviewers for a nature documentary, singers of the melody of a famous cleaning product ad, and a lot more.
Others said that they are astrophysical scientists coming from another planet named ‘Pianeta Paradiso’, which might explain the reason why they are kind of weird but somehow fit together.

Anyway, an entire PhD might not be enough for explaining the behaviors of these two human beings, so let’s go straight to the analysis.

For the most curious ones, Python is being used, along with two libraries: Pandas for data preprocessing and data manipulation, and Plotly for data visualization.
The visualizations are made to be interactive, but only the static ones are uploaded here, except for the last one which nicely summarizes the earlier visuals.
The period being analyzed goes from the 14th of May 2017 to the 4th of December 2020.

Who texts more?

Number of Messages vs Year (Angelo in red, Claudio in orange)

Apparently, Angelo has sent more messages than Claudio every year, but what can be noticed is that in 2017 and 2018 the difference among them was far smaller than in 2019 and 2020. This might be explained by the “annoying” way Angelo texts when he gets confidential with a person; that is, by sending 10 separate messages for writing a phrase of 10 words.

Who sends more media?

Number of Media vs Type of Media (Angelo in red, Claudio in orange)

As expected, Claudio sends more audios than Angelo, and the number of images seems to be slightly larger for him as well. Surprisingly, Angelo sends a lot of audios even if he knows that Claudio would prefer jumping from the 7th floor of a building instead. Hopefully for both of them, these audios last less than 27 seconds.

Which emojis are most used?

Top 10 emojis used by Angelo
Top 10 emojis used by Claudio

The number of emojis is very low in both cases. However, the “type” of emojis being used appears to be different among the two astrophysicists; in fact, Angelo tends to use cute and sweet emojis, while Claudio’s ones are prevalently laughing faces.

Who says more “Fra” and “Mbare”?

Number of “Mbare” and “Fra” (Angelo in red, Claudio in orange)

It looks that Angelo belongs to those people who think they can communicate in 2020 only by meaning of “Fra”. Unexpectedly, the number of “Mbare” is quite smaller with respect to his expectations, which resulted in quite a huge disappointment and sadness for him. Claudio’s number are even worse, in particular for “Mbare”. After this news, he said he realized that he was becoming an horrible person and he immediately gave up everything for doing a spiritual rehabilitating path through the eastern cost of Sicily.

Who laughs more?

Number of Laughs vs Date (Angelo in red, Claudio in orange)

Curiously, the number of laughs have increased at the same rate for both Angelo and Claudio until February 2019. After that, Angelo’s number of laugh has increased faster than Claudio’s one, until around October 2020 when their lines touch each other again for then getting separated again in Angelo’s favor. In particular, right in this period between September 2020 and December 2020 it seems that the number of laughs increased with a very steep rate with respect to the rest of the analyzed period. Until the 4th of December of 2020, Angelo has laughed 2355 times, while Claudio 2208 times.
P.S. I know, you are even more curious and you want to know which of these laughs were caps lock! Don’t worry, I got it for you. Check the final interactive visualization!

Overall interactive visualization

If you made it this far, I sincerely want to thank you for your time and for reading all of this. Stay safe!